Neuroimaging or brain imaging is a technique which is used directly or indirectly image the structure, function/pharmacology of the nervous system, those who are specialized in the neuroimaging is known as neuroradiologists. It is relative to the neuroscience, medicine and psychology.

Neuroimaging falls into two broad categories:

  • Structural imaging, deals with the structure of the nervous system and the diagnosis of gross (large scale) intracranial disease (such as a tumor) and injury.
  • Functional imaging, diagnose the metabolic diseases and neurological & cognitive psychology research and building brain-computer interfaces.

Brain imaging techniques used in neuroimaging are Computed axial tomography(CT), Diffuse optical imaging, Even related optical imaging, Magnetic resonance imaging(MRI), Functional magnetic resonance imaging, Magnetoencephalogarphy Positron emission tomography, Single photon emission tomography, Cranial ultrasound.

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